[Posted by Francois]

Cemetery walk: 36 new trees planted!

On Sunday, 14 January, I walked around the cemetery, and counted 36 new trees planted! I have added a "New trees 2024" layer to the tree map.

Photo album: New trees 2024

I've made an initial guess regarding the species but it'll be easier to see when they're in leaf. 23 of the new trees appear to be the same type of cherry. Then there are 2 cedars, 1 pine tree, 2 birches, and 8 others I can't identify, of 2 or 3 species. 

[Update: the Trees page and tree map now has the correct list of species.]

Sadly, I also noticed that the champion crabapple in the northwest of the cemetery (near Fulham Palace Road) has lost its main branch recently (photo) and is now a third of its original size, and not looking very sturdy. (Here it is at its best.) Some other old trees also lost branches due to wind this winter. This just underscores how important it is to start planting the next generation of trees in the cemetery.