News updates


Thanks to everyone who came to our third meeting Sunday, 23 June. 12 attendees in total. Here is a summary of the meeting.


Tree watering rota

We've had a very wet Spring, but tree watering will start during May. Read on for instructions


Second meeting of the FCF on 16 March

Thanks to everyone who came to our second meeting on Saturday. 15 attendees in total. Here is a summary of the meeting


Next walkabout with Council Parks Officer: Fri 22 March 12pm

Read more for details


We are on Facebook!

Thanks very much to FCF member Mark who set up our Facebook group. Read more 


Next meetup on 16 March; gardening on 2 March

The next FCF meetup will be on Saturday 16 March 11:00am at Fulham Cross Girls School. Go to the reception on Munster Road for access. There will be a walkabout in the cemetery afterwards, weather permitting. Read more for details


Gardening in Fulham Cemetery

Impulsively, I started doing some weeding in the cemetery on Saturday morning, 24 February. I only sent an update to the Friends after I had already started. In future, I will announce gardening dates days ahead of time. The next day will be Saturday 2 March from 8am-10am. Read more


First meetup of Fulham Cemetery Friends and walkabout

On Saturday 20 January, 11 members met for the first time, at Café Retro on Munster Road. We were joined by the founder and chair of the Friends of Margravine Cemetery. Afterwards we walked around the cemetery. Read more


Cemetery walk: 36 new trees planted!

On Sunday I walked around the cemetery, and counted 36 new trees planted! I have added a "New trees 2024" layer to the tree map and here is a photo album. Read more


Met with council Parks officers

This week I met with the Council's Parks Officer, Pauline McCormack, and the Parks Tree Officer, Tom Bach. They are very happy that Fulham Cemetery finally has a volunteer group! Here is what we talked about: Read more


Added to Fulham Society website

At the Fulham Society AGM I introduced the Fulham Cemetery Friends to everyone. A link to Fulham Cemetery Friends was added to the Fulham Society website.


First meetup planned: 20 January

Fulham Cemetery Friends will meet at Retro Café on Munster Road on Saturday 20 January at 11am, to say hello and discuss our plans. If weather permits, we can have a walk in the cemetery afterwards.