Trees of Fulham Cemetery

A love of trees is at the heart of Fulham Cemetery Friends' formation. Fulham Cemetery is a precious urban forest, although it has lost many great trees over recent years. Fortunately, a new programme of tree planting has started.

Fulham Cemetery tree map

Fulham Cemetery Friends maintains this custom Google Map showing the locations of the most interesting trees, and all new trees. Open the map in a new window to show or hide the layers, many of which are featured below.

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Champion trees

Here are some of Fulham Cemetery's most interesting trees, many unfortunately declining due to age.Β 

"Kanzan" Japanese cherry

The southwest avenue of pink cherry blossoms is one of the cemetery's most distinctive features. Probably planted in the 1950s, only 6 trees remain, approaching the end of their natural life.

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Tai-haku "great white" Japanese cherry

Only 1 of the 3 cherry trees in this photo from 2011 remains, in what used to be an avenue along the northwest path. There are only 3 of these magnificent spreading trees remaining in the cemetery.

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"Ukon" Japanese cherry

There is only a single specimen of this tree with its unusual creamy-white, almost greenish blossoms. It grows right behind the large Cross of Sacrifice war memorial.

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Purple maple "crimson king"

This enormous purple leaved maple tree grows right in the centre of the cemetery on the main avenue. In spring it's covered by yellow-green catkin-like flowers.

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Japanese crabapple

Several of these showy trees grew along the southeastern path. Only two remain, in poor health. Likely Malus Γ— floribunda Siebold ex Van Houtte.

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Medlar trees

Just one medlar fruit tree remains. At least another 4 were lost over the previous 20 years. There are not many medlar trees in London! Medlar fruit

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Magnolia & climbing rose

The magnolia blooms in spring and the rose in summer. Underneath there is a secret green room for children to discover.

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Zelkova serrata

Also called Japanese elm or keyaki, this large tree with its distinctive saw-toothed leaves is in the north of the cemetery, with a mysterious plaque dedicated to one Spider Baker.

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New trees 2024

As of 14 January 2024, 36 new trees have been planted:

View the tree map to see where each type of tree has been planted. Photo album

Existing paths and tree avenues

These layers show the main paved and unpaved paths in the cemetery.Β 

Fulham cemetery has the remnants of several avenues of flowering trees that were probably planted in the mid-20th century. This includes white and pink Japanese cherries, medlars, crabapples, and plum trees. Most of these avenues have lost some or all their trees in the past 20 years.

Champion trees

This layer shows some of the cemetery's oldest and most impressive trees.

Potential tree locations

This layer shows 50 locations where new trees could be planted.

Water points

The paths layer also shows the location of the water points in the cemetery.

Lost trees

Here are some of the trees lost over the past 20 years.

Weeping cherries

There was a line of these small umbrella-shaped cherry trees along the path from Munster Road. All are gone now.

Crabapple trees

This beautiful lone crabapple grew in the northwest corner of the cemetery. It blew down in early 2024. Along the south path many more crabapples have also been lost.

Cherry tree avenues

These pictures were taken 16 years apart, 2007 and 2023, at the same spot looking north on the south-western path, with the lodge at the end of the path on the left. Only 3 of the 10 "Kanzan" pink cherry trees in the first picture remain.

Note: this area is currently affected by a fungus, which is why there have been no new trees planted here.

More cherry trees planned!

Fulham Cemetery Friends hope to gradually restore these cherry tree avenues with new plantings. 23 new cherry trees were planted in 2024, but there are still many gaps in the erstwhile avenues.

In March 2024 we received agreement in principle from the Sakura Project for a grant of an additional 16 cherry trees, to be planted in winter 2025/26, at the locations shown.Β 

Tree database

Fulham Cemetery Friends maintains a database of all new trees planted in the cemetery. The plan is to add all trees to the database eventually, to make it easier for the public to find out information about them.

πŸ‘‰ Fulham Cemetery tree database