[Posted by Francois]

Second meeting of the FCF on 16 March

Thanks to everyone who came to our second meeting on Saturday. The Fulham Cross Girls School is a very nice venue and hopefully we can use it again in future.

15 attendees in total: Kelly, Keith, Maya, Rebecca, Jackie, Thomas & Linda, George & Jan, Nathalie, Marianne, Noel. 

Also Robert Stephenson of Friends of Margravine Cemetery, and John Griffiths of Friends of Gwendwr Gardens. Nicole met us in the cemetery afterwards (with her puppy).

Apologies: Elizabeth, Lucy, Vanessa, Richard, Mark, Sally.

Asked about what they liked about the cemetery, people mentioned its tranquility and its interesting features. People appreciated both well cared-for areas and "wild" areas.

What people didn't like about the cemetery was mostly the lack of caretaking and deterioration of things like paths and planting beds, and lack of succession planting to replace trees that died.

We discussed:

I mentioned that Friends should feel free to suggest or start a project on their own initiative, as there is a limit to what I can manage. But please share any ideas with the group using the mailing list.

Next steps and goals:

Francois will contact the Council regarding: